Gregory Sales and Service offers aftermarket, replacement parts for Fisher Regulators (Big Joe).


fisher big joe regulator parts
Big Joe Parts Our P/N Fisher/Mallard P/N
H. P. Diaphragm GT0199 OW0199-02192
L. P. Diaphragm GT0200 OW0200-02192
Valve Disc - Brass GT1860 1C1860-000C2
Arm Lever Assy. GT2890 1B2890-000A2(H)
Valve Carrier GT0186 OW0186-14022
Lower Spring Retainer GT0201 OW0201-44022
Connector Head Assy. GT8465 1P8465-000A2
Upper Spring Retainer GT0193 OW0193-44022
SS Seats 1/4,3/8,1/2 GT4164 1K4164-35032
Seat Gasket GT0184 OW0184-04022
Body Gasket GT0187 OW0187-04022
90 - 150 Spring GT0190 OW0190-27022
200 - 275 Spring GT1469 1J1469-27142
275 - 500 Spring GT3709 1K3709-27082
H. P. Kit GT0199A NA
L. P. Kit GT0200A NA

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