Gregory's Gauges offers aftermarket, replacement parts for Fisher pressure controllers, and Norriseal level controllers.

Fisher Norriseal Mallard control valves


Pressure Controller Parts

Pressure Controller Parts Our P/N Fisher/Mallard/Norriseal P/N
Bourdon Tubes - 4100 All tubes 316 SS  
50# GT4100-50 19A5755 X012
100# GT4100-100 19A5755 X022
250# GT4100-250 19A5755 X032
500# GT4100-500 19A5755 X042
1000# GT4100-1000 19A5755 X052
1500# GT4100-1500 19A5755 X062
Bourdon Tubes - 4150 All tubes 316 SS  
30# GT4150-30 10B2892 X012
60# GT4150-60 10B2892 X022
100# GT4150-100 10B2892 X032
150# GT4150-150 NA
200# GT4150-200 10B2892 X042
300# GT4150-300 10B2892 X052
600# GT4150-600 10B2892 X062
1500# GT4150-1000 10B2892 X072
1500# GT4150-1500 10B2892 X082


Level Controller Parts

Level Controller Parts Our P/N Norriseal/Mallard P/N
Snap Pilot W/ Gauges GT30011 430011
Snap Pilot W/O Gauges GT30002 430002
Throttle Pilot W/ Gauges GT30010 430010
Throttle Pilot W/O Gauges GT30003 430003
1001A Snap Pilot GT30002A 430002
1001A Throttle Pilot GT30003A 430003
Snap Kit  GT30568 430568
Throttle Kit GT30569 430569
3 Pilot Pieces GT12758A N/A
Pilot Body GT12758 412758
Pilot Top GT12765 412765
Pilot Bottom GT12757 412757
Thrust Pin GT10996 410996
1/2 SS Ball GT15249 415249
Gasket GT16163 416163
Filter GT16165 416165
Brass Fittings GT16001 416001
Body Shaft GT12764 412764
Adjusting Arm GT11207 411207
Adjusting Arm W/ Screws GT11207S 411207-S
Torque Bar GT11192 411192
Fulcrum - Alum. GT15579 415579
Fulcrum - Nylon GT14171 414171
Flapper Bar GT11190 411190
Upper Spring Retainer GT10120 410120
Lower Spring Retainer GT12761 412761
Spring (Green) Light GT15830 415830
Spring Medium GT15159 415159
Spring (Yellow) Heavy GT15874 415874
Spring (Red) EX. Heavy GT16373 416373
Window Glass Long GT1001GL N/A
Window Glass Round GT1001GR N/A
Window Retainers GT15794 415794
Floats 12" PVC GT13180 413180
Arms 12.5" GT10026 410026
Swivels GT14113 414113
1001 Gauges GT16131-L/R 416131-L/R
1001A Gauges (CBM) GT15931 415931
Manifold Gasket GT15936 415936
Pilot Gasket GT15937 415937

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Gregory Sales and Service is an independent manufacture of replacement parts. Gregory Sales and Service is not affiliated with any of the original equipment manufactures named above. The manufactures names or trademarks used herein are solely for identification purposes only and or not intended by Gregory Sales and Service to cause confusion as to source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts manufactured by Gregory Sales and Service.

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